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What is SHIA 2.0?

SHIA2 is the first born child of SHIA, a cryptocurrency which is created by the successful Carlos Ocelote and his team. Unlike SHIA, SHIA 2.0 is fully decentralized and pure meme. SHIA2 is in no way related to SHIA, and should be seen as a tribute to the real SHIA cryptocurrency.
Contract Address:
About SHIA 2.0

A meme created in tribute of SHIA

Why SHIA 2.0

SHIA2 was made in tribute to the real SHIA cryptocurrency.

Liquidity Locked

The SHIA2 liquidity is locked for 2 years to provide safety for all investors and a rug-proof environment. We chose to lock the liquidity for a duration of 2 years to make sure SHIA2 will be thriving for many years to come.

Contract Renounced

The SHIA smart contract is renounced which means nobody is able to manipulate or modify the SHIA2 smart contract. This also means there are no possibilities to blacklist, whitelist or modify taxes.

Low tax 1/1

With DeFi tax is a fee that helps the project develop stably with many costs to expand partners as well as marketing and tax need to be at a reasonable level for investors.
SHIA2 Tokenomics

Fair Launch, No Team Tokens!

Started as a Fair Launch on Pinksale, with 70% burned supply.
SHIA 2.0
Total Supply
10 Billion
Buy Taxes
Sell Taxes
Max Wallet
No Limit
Max Trade
No Limit
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